We are a team of product designers, engineers and software specialists headquartered in Hong Kong, bringing an ever-expanding range of smart appliances and IoT software solutions to markets worldwide.

The TecPal story is a culmination of prototyping, production and partnership.


Incorporation in Hong Kong and Shenzhen

We begin our operations.


Attend CES, Las Vegas

We showcase our smart product solutions on a global stage.


Establish a public API

We are ready to share our IoT platform with the world.


First Mass Market product

The first high-volume product using our IoT solution launched in Europe


Taiwan team established

To further feed our analytics ambitions we established a Data Science team in Taipei

Team TecPal

From food to finance, software to science, our team of UX/UI designers, hardware and software developers and our business leads are here to be of service.

Ready to mobilize and meet the demands of your project, we believe in flexibility, practicality and the power of technology.